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Santa Barbara Krav Maga News May 2018!

In Honor of All Our Strong Mamas! Hello everyone! This month of May our monthly Women’s Self-Defense Seminar will be a feature event as we present aspecial women’s close quarters seminar, just in time for Mother’s Day. To honor our strong mothers, this seminar will be a buy 1 get 1 free!Ages 12 and up, all levels of experience are welcome.

This seminar will be an SB KravMaga first! Small, confined spaces such as public bathroom stalls, elevators, narrow hallways, and cubicles will be replicated in our studio with female instructors leading the seminar. Spread the word on this very important, reality-based training in the community to build up the confidence and strength of our loved ones. In honor of this SBKM first, SBKM students this month can attend this seminar for free!


Our senior instructor Jacob Venzor will be completing the last stages of his Black Belt testing this month with his final test taking place at our headquarters at Beach Cities Krav Maga in Orange County. Stay tuned for the date of his Black Belt Ceremony at our studio here in SB.

Monday May 14 classes are in full swing with a special KravPHOTOSHOOT! Wear your SB Krav Maga gear to classes this day ready to train hard. Classes will be run on a normal schedule.

The studio will be closed in honor of Memorial Day May 26 – 28. But join us on Monday May 28 for a special Memorial Day workout that is open to EVERYONE in the studio and any friends and family you bring to join! The Memorial Day workout starts at 6:00p.

Looking forward to an awesome month of training. See you soon!

Look out for our June newsletter next month and check out our training online! As always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

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