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Shock Knife Seminar January 31st

There is no Experience Needed to attend SBKM’s Knife Defense Seminar(s). This Training course is designed to deal with both Knife attacks and Knife threats and other sharp edge/ bladed weapons. In this course you may be working with a SHOCKKNIFE Stress Blade which delivers a constant shock level of 7,500 volts with a safety factor of less than one milliamp. With only one setting, the shockknife/ Stress blade is perfect for use in high stress scenarios. Increasing awareness and explosive reaction is the goal. Learning statistics and how NOT to become one. We emphasize personal space and take a Beat the Attack, NOT meet the attack approach. You will learn basic defenses against overhand stabs, underhand Stabs, slashing and straight stabs. We also address threats on and off the body at 360 degrees around oneself. Some courses will be more advanced than others.

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