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Gun Defense Seminar, May 22

Gun Defense Seminar May 22, 2013

$49.00 Includes Training Weapon. $35.00 SEMINAR ONLY
There is no Experience required to take this course. The course is designed to increase awareness and explosive reaction. SB Krav Maga Gun Defense Course(s) are designed to deal with any close quarter Firearm threats ON or OFF the body at 360 degrees around a person within reasonable range. R.C.A.D. (Redirect the line of fire/ Control the Weapon/ Attack the threat with combatives/ Disarm the Gun) Acronym is some of the foundation rules used Krav Maga Gun Defense techniques. You will be instructed on when and where to attack if left with no other option. Courses are fun and full of energy and may change setting or intensity depending on course level. Students will work hard intense live scenario drills. Learning everything from basic combatives to correct movement and mental toughness.  Sign Up today and learn some Basic Gun Defense fundamentals.

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