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Boot Camp 2013

SBKM Morning Boot Camp… This is a 45 minute class. 6:15am – 7:00am. Monday Cardio Strengeth training, Tuesday is a bag class and Thursday is Circuit Training with Cardio. We also have Saturday Morning Combat Cardio at 9:00am, Combat Cardio is an intense Non-Stop Drills and striking driven class. The classes consist of high intensity cardio workouts mixed with striking drills designed to work you out to the point of exhaustion. Classes are a fun, energetic with a fast pace motivating environment. You get in shape while improving hand eye coordination, awareness and stamina. Members will find a sense of camaraderie within the group as you push each other and motivate one another to complete tasks/drills. Members establish incredible self worth and are able to start their day with the energy and confidence needed to have a successful and productive day!!!