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SB KRAV MAGA NEWS! September 2019!

The studio will be closed in observance of Labor Day Monday September 2nd. Be safe and enjoy your holiday. Classes will be back to regular schedule Tuesday September 3rd.
Thank you to those who attended our women’s self-defense seminar on August 24th. It was a great turnout of first timers and veteran students who continue to demonstrate commitment to their training in setting an example and spreading the word on these important seminars. Another big thank you to those who attended our Active Shooter seminar August 28th. Active shooter seminars are offered on a quarterly basis with no experience necessary to participate.
Testing is officially here! Testing for all adult belts and stripes will be Saturday September 7 th 8am to finish. Teen testing will take place Wednesday September 11 th 4pm-6pm. All curriculum is located online on the SBKM website and all instructors are available for private lessons. Remember members can do a combat cardio drop-in for only $5 to get that conditioning up in you plan to test.
The next testing date for all adult belts and stripes will be Saturday September 7th 8am to finish. Teen belt testing will take place Wednesday, September 11th 4pm-6pm. All curriculum is located online on the SBKM website with all instructors available for private lessons.
Back-to-School season is here and the transition to higher grades can be tough for some, as youth exposed to bullying can increase dramatically from elementary school to Junior High and into high school. Research shows that bullying peaks in the 5th, 6th and 7th grades. The goal of the program is to minimize the effects of predatory behavior. This will be accomplished through role playing, small group discussions and empathy training. Focusing on Awareness, Avoidance and assertiveness.
SBKM will be hosting a 4-day Anti-Bullying seminar Monday Sept, 23rd -Thursday Sept, 26th 5pm-6pm for preteens at $100 each and $75 for each additional sibling. Students will be taught how to address multiple scenarios common in school settings where physical violence may occur, and self-defense becomes the last resort. Give your kids the gift of safety and self-care and the confidence, that they may walk in peace. Keep an eye out for the flyer and be sure to pass it along to your friends and fellow parents at upcoming “back to school” nights and orientations!
If you want to step up your training and drop into a combat cardio class. It is only a $5 drop-in for members, $15 for non-members. Combat Cardio classes are Mondays, Weds, and Fridays 6am and 6pm, and Saturdays
9am. If you want to add it to your current plan be sure to talk to SBKM staff at the front desk for further details.


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What is Krav Maga
Krav Maga is not a traditional martial arts system. It does not compete in combat sport competitions or tournaments. It is mixture of techniques including wrestling, Muay Thai, traditional boxing, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and street fighting with utilizing the environment around you to increase your chances of staying alive and escaping a violent encounter. Krav Maga translated from Hebrew is “Contact Combat.” It is not about size and strength, it is speed, aggression, and technique with explosive reactions using the body’s natural instincts to ....READ MORE

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